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Full service marketing, education and outreach utility program implementer specializing in turnkey, technology driven, water & energy education programs.

Tinker Advantage

You’re probably asking yourself, “What sets Tinker apart from the rest?” The answer is simple. We are fresh, new and designed specifically for utilities like you.


Efficiency Education

Our cutting-edge program design combines teacher & student desired technology with standards based content delivered over time generating astounding results.


Kits are uniquely incorporated to generate higher savings at a lower cost as compared to the alternative. At the same budget we reach more students producing superior cost-effectiveness and total savings.

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What People Are Saying

Tinker’s innovative program design, delivery platform, and program processes have the potential to increase program cost-effectiveness as compared to more traditional education programs.

Vice President

Utility Program Evaluator

It is imperative we ensure modern students are self-motivated, responsible citizens equipped to compete successfully in an ever-changing global society. Tinker Efficiency Education Programs supports this initiative with their high-tech, yet low-cost programs.

Former Asst. Superintendent of Curriculum


Many parents talked to me after the lessons and said their kids would come home asking questions about their energy and water bill. They were shocked at how and why they were even curious.

4th Grade Teacher

Arovista Elementary School