Who Are We?

Tinker LLC is a full service marketing, education and outreach program implementer serving the utility sector. We offer a variety of turnkey, technology driven, K-12 education programs designed to develop responsible water and energy consumers. All programs employ contemporary teaching methods that engage the modern student and seamlessly align with current classroom activities.

Designed specifically for you, our completely turnkey cutting-edge program model incorporates a technology based delivery platform with innovative program processes to lower program costs while increasing teacher involvement and student knowledge retention. Merged with water and energy conservation kits, our model enhances energy and water savings as compared to traditional k-12 education kit programs.

Tinker’s innovative program design, delivery platform, and program processes have the potential to increase program cost-effectiveness as compared to more traditional education programs.

Vice President

Utility Program Evaluator

Facts About Us

  • Founded in 2014.
  • 20 years of experience in water + energy conservation education programs.
  • Headquartered in the San Francisco bay area.
  • Education content is written by current classroom teachers.
  • Environmentally responsible program design.
  • We collect “Big Data”.
  • Program size can be as small as 25 students.
  • Measuring both short term and long term knowledge gain.
  • EM&V friendly program design.
  • Competitive pricing.

Our Values

At Tinker, our core values are the foundation of our company. They define our character and guide our actions. They influence the way we work with each other and the way we serve our clients. Our values give us confidence in who we are. On a daily basis, each one of us makes choices and decisions that directly affect the way we experience each other and the way our clients experience us. Here are our values:

  • Teamwork accomplishes the extraordinary
  • Innovate at every opportunity
  • Little changes can make big impacts
  • Remember the big picture
  • Be thoughtful and kind
  • Hold yourself as accountable as you hold others
  • Have fun

Teacher delivered lessons are the most practical method to engage students with new content. The lessons and support materials are beautifully designed, user friendly and rich in content. The program models effective pedagogy as the lesson plans include all essential information for the teacher, active student engagement strategies and very fun assessment tools.

Former Director of Curriculum



Member Alliance for Water Efficiency
Member California Urban Water Conservation Council