Most people think about treating their lawns with regular watering during the hot summer months. While it’s true that the right watering methods are needed to protect your landscape from the scorching sun, they should also be used to reduce the impact of wasting water during cooler times of year.

So, what is the importance of a smart irrigation timer during the fall? It can have more of an impact than you might think!

As grass prepares itself for cooler temperatures, it pulls in as much moisture and nutrients as possible – think of squirrels storing away nuts for the winter. Your lawn does the same thing, storing nutrients in the roots to keep it strong and healthy year round. Because temperatures in the fall tend to be cooler, and it often rains frequently, it’s a great opportunity for your lawn to hold onto this moisture quickly and easily. Less moisture is being evaporated into the air, too. Less moisture lost, of course, means you don’t need to water as much!

It’s important to calculate the changes that need to be made in order to save water and have a healthy lawn during the autumn season. But, a smart irrigation system can do what a traditional timing system simply can’tprovide a solution that digs deep into the roots, while saving you money and helping to conserve as much water as possible.

Smart Irrigation Timer vs. Traditional System

A smart irrigation timer can make a big difference in how much water you’re using (and potentially wasting) during these cooler months. An irrigation system that is on a traditional timer will go off on a set schedule, no matter what. You could be wasting tons of water in the process! Not only that, but it could quickly lead to overwatering, which will negatively impact the overall health of your lawn.

The idea of a healthy lawn through colder temperatures rests in the fact that the roots should be able to soak up water deep from within the soil. This will allow your lawn to be healthy and strong when Spring rolls around. A smart irrigation timer focuses on deep watering methods, but they are less frequent. Not only does this prevent overwatering, but can conserve water in the process, too. Less waste means more savings for you, and a greener footprint left behind!

Saving Money, Protecting the Environment

Whether you’re just as obsessed with keeping your lawn green in the fall as you are other times of year, or you want to make a change and conserve more water, there is no ‘wrong’ reason to look into a smart irrigation timer. When installed correctly, it can completely change the way you water your landscape.

Taking care of lawns year round may not be at the top of everyone’s radar. But, it’s just as important to pay attention to the health of your landscape in the fall as it is any other time of year. It’s even more important to determine small steps you can take to benefit the environment. If you’re a frequent waterer, making the switch to a smart system can do both.