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Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to a sustainable environment by providing our youth with the tools to build a foundation for a lifetime of responsible water and energy use. We achieve this through technology rich educational enrichment programs donated to local schools and made possible by the generous support of utility providers across the US.


Our Company

Tinker LLC is an end to end water and energy conservation education program provider that serves utilities and schools across the U.S. We provide technology driven K-12 education programs that include water and energy conservation kits full of efficient products for students homes. Participating students achieve immediate water and energy savings through the installation of the efficient products while learning to build a foundation for responsible water and energy use.

Our Educational Approach

Our education programs employ technology rich lesson plans that utilize contemporary teaching tools teachers use to engage students. Our lessons support state and federal education standards and include hands-on, STEM and digital activities designed to compliment current classroom activities.

What People Are Saying

Tinker’s innovative program design, delivery platform, and program processes have the potential to increase program cost-effectiveness as compared to more traditional education programs.

Vice President

Utility Program Evaluator

It is imperative we ensure modern students are self-motivated, responsible citizens equipped to compete successfully in an ever-changing global society. Tinker Efficiency Education Programs supports this initiative with their high-tech, yet low-cost programs.

Former Asst. Superintendent of Curriculum


Many parents talked to me after the lessons and said their kids would come home asking questions about their energy and water bill. They were shocked at how and why they were even curious.

4th Grade Teacher

Arovista Elementary School