According to the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, the United States government gives over $1 billion a year to low-income families who struggle with energy efficiency in their homes. This money goes toward things like helping with utility bills and making homes more energy friendly. But, it also goes toward something that might surprise you; the health of those families.

Believe it or not, an energy efficient home is better for your health. Having a home that doesn’t have energy conservation methods in place will not only hurt your utility bills, but it can also affect your family’s overall health and well-being. Weatherizing your home is the easiest way to lower your bills and keep your family healthier.

How Can Weatherization Help My Health?

One of the biggest problems people face when they don’t weatherize their homes is asthma. Asthma is actually the leading cause of children missing school due to illness in the United States. While there are multiple factors that affect this condition, homes that aren’t weatherized are something to consider.

What can you do to weatherize your home and reduce your children’s chances of developing asthma? You might be surprised at how simple it is. Use the following tips to get started:

  • Seal your windows. This can be done in a variety of different ways, and there are even DIY methods of doing it. You can also purchase specific sealant products, especially during the colder winter months. You’ll likely be very pleased with how quickly simply sealing your windows can bring down your heating bills, too!
  • Invest in quality insulation. Nowadays, there are so many more options than traditional batting insulation. Blown-in insulation is a great solution that can get into every nook and cranny of your home.
  • Make sure you have up-to-date heating and cooling systems. These can be expensive investments up front, but they will stand the test of time, lower your utility bills, and help to lower asthma triggers.

In addition to conditions like asthma, one of the common health issues people face when their home isn’t properly weatherized is stress. Stress can lead to a variety of different health issues, and can actually be quite dangerous when it isn’t managed. The stress comes from high utility bills, a low sense of security, and fear over keeping your family healthy. You may also not be sleeping as well as you could in a home that isn’t properly weatherized. All of these factors can contribute to your overall wellbeing.

Getting Help with Weatherization

Because weatherization is so important, you can actually get assistance from the government if you’re not able to properly weatherize your house yourself. Different states have different requirements when it comes to how much they can help, but it’s something to look into if you’re worried that your home may be affecting your health (and your high bills, of course!).

Will a weatherized home help with every health problem? No. But, it’s a great start to making sure your family stays healthy, safe, dry, and warm when it counts the most. You’re essentially taking care of two problems at once: Your family will feel better, and your bills will get lower. Weatherizing your home, whether you need assistance or not, can make a huge difference!