The new year is finally upon us, and that means resolutions are on the forefront of everyone’s mind. Making resolutions to lose weight, eat healthy, or be more productive this year are solid old standbys. But, you can also resolve to set goals this year to really have an impact on your energy use. Not only will these resolutions save money, but they’ll help to reduce your energy impact – it’s a win-win solution, and a resolution you can really stick with with.


1. Turn Your Lights Off
One of the easiest things to do to save a little bit of energy is to turn off your lights when you’re not in a room. It might be hard to remember at first, especially if you’re in the habit of leaving them on. But, if you can dedicate yourself to flipping the ‘off’ switch whenever a room isn’t in use, you could be making a small change that has a big impact.


2. Use a Power Strip
Most people know that things like appliances and electronics still use energy when they’re plugged in, even if they aren’t on. The reason they don’t unplug them all the time? Well, it can get a little annoying. Instead of having to unplug all your appliances when you’re not using them, invest in power strips. You can plug multiple things into one strip, and turn the switch on that strip on/off as needed.

3. Wash Smarter
Was the last load of laundry you put in just a few necessary items? Maybe you just needed a clean shirt for work the next day, or wanted to get the mud off your jeans. Instead of picking only a handful of things for your next load, fill it up! The less loads of laundry you do, the more water and energy you’ll conserve.
Remember, there’s a fine line between filling it up enough, and over-filling it, so pay attention to what your machine can handle.

4. Make the Switch to LED
Energy-efficient lightbulbs can be bought at just about any big box store or hardware store. They might be a bit of an investment up front, but they can save you a ton of money in the long run. Plus, they will last for years! Now is the time to make the switch throughout your house, and make this year a bit brighter.

5. No Singing in the Shower
Okay, we don’t mind if you sing in the shower – but make it a short song! The tip here is to take shorter showers this year. It can be tempting to relax underneath the warm water for twenty minutes. But, the more your water heater has to work to heat your shower, the more energy you’re using. Resolve to take shorter showers this year. Even cutting them down by just a few minutes can make a difference.
Saving energy starts with small goals and resolutions. If you’ve already made your list of resolutions for the year, it’s not too late to add onto it, and continue these habits for many years to come!