At Tinker, we’re constantly reminding everyone of the major benefits of energy efficiency. Most know it cuts costs and helps our environment. But there are some benefits that go relatively unnoticed. In fact, many of these perks are often felt to be more valuable than dollar savings.


Installing LED lights offers more than just the convenience of saving money. Even when used for eight hours per day, LED lights last upwards of 10 years. If you’re talking about a business, this means that the lights might actually outlive your time in that particular building. The only maintenance you’re guaranteed to have is a little dusting here and there.

Boost Sales

It’s true – lighting changes can effect product sales. Hiring a lighting designer is a great way to make sure you can use the most energy efficient bulbs as well as make your products look their best. Retailers constantly play around with LED lighting to explore unlimited possibilities to showcase their items.

Increase People Efficiency

The right lighting can boost productivity in people. If you have bad lighting in your office, you’re probably feeling more tired or unmotivated than if you had the right type of light. Lighting can greatly improve the overall work environment in both looks and capacity.

These changes are all important considerations when deciding to be more energy efficient. While cutting costs is an excellent goal, thinking outside the box and looking at the larger picture will only open the door to greater benefits. Energy efficiency improves the lives of everyone, from the individual to the earth as a whole. So if you’re still on the fence, consider these things before deciding not to make the change.