We all have appliances in our homes. From the refrigerator to the washing machine, big and small appliances are used every day. Because of their convenience, electrical appliances make up about 30% of our energy bills each month.

Energy Star appliances were first introduced in 1992. The Energy Star symbol is a government-backed label that lets consumers know the product they’re buying will help to cut down on energy costs and will reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

While Energy Star appliances started out solely on computers, now just about any energy-efficient appliance can carry the label.

So, what actually qualifies as an Energy Star appliance, and what are the benefits? Let’s take a closer look.


What Does it Take to Be an Energy Star Appliance?


In order to garner the label of “Energy Star,” an appliance must meet certain criteria. This criteria is set in place by the US Department of Energy.

Criteria are different based on the type of appliance, the size, etc. The bottom line is that they need to use less energy than standard appliance models. They need to be able to save you money on your energy bills, and they need to be committed to protecting the environment by causing fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

The criteria might seem complicated. Thankfully, as consumers, we don’t have to worry about checking the standards when we’re buying appliances. Energy Star has made it easy to identify the best appliances with their notable labels.


Why Should I Choose Energy Star Appliances?


There are plenty of reasons to seek out appliances with an Energy Star label. One of the most obvious, of course, is to save money on your energy bills. But, the benefits don’t stop there. When you opt for these appliances, you’re helping to conserve energy for the whole planet.

Energy efficiency in appliances can help to do things like control pollution, limit our dependency on foreign energy sources, and boost the economy! When the government has to use less money on resources for energy production, that money can be used elsewhere within our economy.


If everyone in the world only purchased Energy Star appliances, we would have a much cleaner, more sustainable environment. There would be far less panic about an energy crisis, and we could focus more on renewable energy and conserved energy that can be used in better places.

When the minimum amount of energy used to complete a task is taken by appliances, that conserved energy can be used elsewhere. Therefore, we’re less likely to run out of energy sources so quickly.

Maybe you’ve noticed the Energy Star logo before, but you’ve never considered why it’s so important to choose these appliances. These regulations and criteria have been set in place for a reason. It’s about so much more than saving money on an electric bill. If you haven’t updated your appliances in a while, or you’re looking to make a change, make sure whatever you choose carries the Energy Star symbol.