From leading corporations trying to reduce their environmental impact to California laws requiring new construction to be more environmentally-sound, solar panels aren’t going anywhere. In fact, they’ll undoubtedly become more popular in the future as new construction continues to pop up across the country.

But, you don’t have to be in the process of building a new house to add solar panels to your home.

You might think that it’s not worth the investment, but that’s a common misconception!

There are actually many different benefits to installing solar panels on your house. Once you know some of the advantages, you might find it’s easier to make the switch and start saving energy.


Going Solar Saves You Money

One of the biggest reasons people avoid ‘going solar’ is that they think it’ll cost a lot of money. On the contrary, solar panels will start saving you money right away. The average household can save up to $100 each month in energy costs.


Solar panels are usually under warranty for about 20 years. If you add up the savings, that equals $30,000 in the typical lifespan of your panels! Depending on your state and the amount of sunlight you get, you could end up saving thousands more.


Additionally, there are tax breaks and rebates to consider! If you do install solar panels, be sure to talk with a federal tax specialist about an income tax credit.


It Increases the Value of Your Home

As solar energy becomes more popular, homes that have solar panels also become more appealing. As stated above, the average warranty for panels is 20 years. You might move within those 20 years, and putting your house on the market with solar panels could make it a much more desirable purchase. In turn, you can set your sale price higher.


Solar Energy is Saving the Planet

The best reason to go solar is to help our environment. Solar panels use pure, clean energy from the sun. When you install them on your home, you’re helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and you’re also helping to lessen our dependency on fossil fuels from foreign countries.


Because they’re long-lasting and easy to install, you can really start reaping the benefits of solar panels right away. Not only do they pay for themselves quickly, but you’re helping the environment immediately, too.


It’s true that shopping for solar panels used to be a complicated process. But, because of the increase in demand, it’s become easier than ever. If you’re considering any upgrades to your home, you should absolutely consider the benefits of solar energy.


Talk to a local manufacturer or agency who installs solar panels and don’t be afraid to ask about more details. You should be able to get a better idea of how much money you can save, and what the installation of these panels on your home could really mean for the economy and the environment, for a more sustainable future.