Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to a sustainable environment by providing our youth with the tools to build a foundation for a lifetime of responsible water and energy use. We achieve this through technology rich educational enrichment programs donated to local schools and made possible by the generous support of utility providers across the US.

Teacher delivered lessons are the most practical method to engage students with new content. The lessons and support materials are beautifully designed, user friendly and rich in content. The program models effective pedagogy as the lesson plans include all essential information for the teacher, active student engagement strategies and very fun assessment tools.

Former Director of Curriculum


What We Do

Tinker LLC is an end to end water and energy conservation education program provider serving utilities across the U.S.  We offer turnkey, technology driven, K-12 education programs designed to develop responsible water and energy consumers. Merged with water and energy conservation kits, our programs give students the opportunity to apply classroom lessons at home and experience conservation first-hand while delivering immediate water and energy savings.

For Utilities: All programs are completely implemented and program progress is tracked in real-time so you can be involved as much or as little as you like. At the close of each program year a comprehensive program report is provided re-capping all program actions and projecting potential water and energy savings.

For Educators: Our programs employ technology rich lesson plans that utilize contemporary teaching tools used to engage students. Our lessons support state and federal education standards and include hands-on, STEM and digital activities designed to compliment current classroom activities.

Our Story

Tinker LLC was established in 2014 by longtime water and energy education professional Joe Thrasher. Prior to Tinker, Joe spent 13 years in the leadership role of one of the earliest water and energy education kit program contractors. Through this experience, Joe recognized that most utility provided K-12 water and energy conservation education programs resemble in operation and implementation what they were in the early 2000’s. However, over just a short period our education system had already begun the transformation from using chalkboards and overhead projectors to using smart boards and on-line resources. With this transition, Joe realized that to remain effective water and energy education kit programs must transform as well.

So in 2014, Joe and a team of experienced professionals developed a water and energy conservation education program that is uniquely designed to engage this generation of student. One that gives students the opportunity to comfortably achieve a practical understanding of water and energy conservation helping to develop a foundation for a lifetime of responsible water and energy use.


verb | tin·ker | \ˈtiŋ-kər\

to work in the manner of a tinker; especially :  to repair, adjust, or work with something in an unskilled or experimental manner

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Our Name

When exploring what to name our company, we wanted a name that would simply and accurately reflect our mission and values. Something that would elicit a joyful curiosity and spark people to explore just a little. A name that would be versatile and timeless. We believe “Tinker” fits all of those things perfectly. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the verb Tinker is defined as to work in the manner of a tinker; especially:  to repair, adjust, or work with something in an unskilled or experimental manner. At Tinker we teach people how to explore and experiment with the way they use water and energy. Our approach is fun and provokes people to want to learn more. This curiosity translates into action. Think about how much energy and water we could save if everybody just tinkered a little!


Member Alliance for Water Efficiency
Member California Urban Water Conservation Council