Our Programs

At Tinker we take a modern approach to our K-12 educational program design. Our design considers all stakeholders, incorporates continuous improvement practices, and features hands-on classroom activities blended with technology. Through crowdsourcing techniques we encourage current classroom teachers and students to actively contribute to the education content. The result is an engaging and effective education program that is easily adopted by teachers, desired by students and delivers the results utilities desire.

Program Design

Using our years of experience we have designed programs that blend modern technology with contemporary education, EM&V activities and utility goals to deliver completely turnkey solutions. We believe we have the most effective water and energy conservation education programs today. Tinker is fresh, new and designed specifically for utilities like you.



All of our programs include unparalleled tracking resulting from technology integrated and leveraged in an appropriate way. Displayed in an online dashboard, we capture end to end program actions that give us a real time overview of what’s happening at any point during the program. Letting us deliver exactly the right message at exactly the right time, driving better participation and better savings.


Turnkey: Under one Roof

Conducting all program activities under one roof is the most efficient way to run a utility sponsored education program smoothly, quickly and seriously cost-effectively.  Just by removing subcontractor relationship complexities we lower program costs, reduce opportunity for errors, and eliminate unnecessary time delays. Best of all, we can give you a single dedicated program manager who knows your program inside and out. We want you to be worry free knowing… we’ve got your back.


Supplemental Curriculum

Tinker’s supplemental curriculum is designed and offered in a complete package making classroom implementation for ALL teachers a snap. Developed by current classroom teachers, the technology enhanced content is aligned with learning standards and includes hands-on student activities, contests and games.

Recruitment + Support

Our programs are specifically designed to maximize adoption among educators, while reaching utility goals. Using our advanced school and teacher recruiting techniques we highlight our technology enhanced teacher friendly design that doesn’t require time outside the classroom or adjusting lesson plans to accommodate an outside speaker or group.

Conservation Kits

To generate immediate savings we offer an assortment of high efficiency measures that can be customized and included in conservation kits. The conservation kits can be packaged in a variety of ways with each including utility branding. Kits can be delivered directly to homes or in bulk to schools.