Happy New Year!


As 2019 rapidly approaches, we’re excited to look forward when it comes to the future of green energy. The world is constantly changing, and people are becoming more aware than ever that everything we do has an impact on the environment.

As a result, we’re also becoming more conscious in our efforts to help protect and sustain energy and water sources. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some positive trends to expect in 2019 when it comes to eco-friendly advancements and green energy.


Solar Panel Popularity

We shared a blog earlier this year about California’s new solar panel law. Newly-constructed homes will be required to utilize solar panels, and that will go into effect in 2019. As it continues to grow in popularity and we start to see just how much energy is being saved, don’t be surprised to see other states follow this trend, and implement solar panel laws of their own.

Look for more solar panels to appear on apartment buildings and multi-family homes, too. It’s common for landlords and building owners to include ‘perks’ in their advertisements to potential tenants. Solar power is starting to become one of those positive draws that can attract a person to a specific building. It helps to lower the cost of utilities while saving tons of energy.


Larger Venues Going Green

Artist rendering of the solar array planned for the Mandalay Bay Resort Convention Center. (PRNewsFoto/MGM Resorts International)


Sports stadiums, concert venues, hotels, etc., all use tons of energy every day. But, commercial building owners have started to see the importance of renewable energy sources.

As a result, you can expect the green energy trend to really pick up speed with big businesses in 2019. Even MGM Resorts in Las Vegas (not the first place you think of when it comes to renewable energy) is jumping on the ‘green’ bandwagon, having solar panels installed that will provide energy to their casinos.

It only takes a few of these larger venues and businesses to kick off this trend. As more big businesses start to see the positive effects of renewable energy, including how it can save money and attract more people, they’re sure to jump on board quickly.


Wind Energy Across the Country

Makani Wind Circle


We’ve been utilizing the power of wind for years, but it’s been limited to areas of the country that are, you guessed it, particularly windy!

That could change this year, as tech company Makani has developed a type of “kite” that uses wind energy to generate power. It’s currently being tested in Hawaii but could be implemented just about anywhere. Look for wind energy to grow in popularity this year, especially in areas that are often in desperate need of renewable energy, like those hit by hurricanes, flooding, etc.


These are just a few of the awesome, “green” solutions you can look forward to in 2019. As we continue to become more aware of how our energy footprint affects the environment, we can create solutions to keep things sustainable for many years to come.