4 Reasons Energy Efficiency Is Important For You

Most people think they’re being energy efficient enough but don’t really bother with the how’s and why’s of true energy efficiency. It seems like such a hassle to get started, is it really worth it? With all of your neighbors becoming more energy efficient, do you need to do it too? The answer is yes! Energy efficiency is extremely important for our environment and even offers great benefits to you as well.

  1. Save Money! – Using energy wisely can save you a significant amount of money. Using energy efficient appliances and light bulbs can save you 30-80% on bills a year. This can be several hundred dollars depending on your location and the changes you decide to make. Even a small step in the right direction will lower your costs and give you the opportunity to invest in something else.
  2. Benefit the Environment – One of the main reasons energy efficiency is so important is because of the benefits our environment will reap. We only have one Earth, and she only has so many resources. Using these energy resources wisely will keep them around longer, so we don’t have to produce or import things like oil and gas. This also creates less pollution, be it from vehicles or or power plants. Overall, the environmental benefits of energy efficiency are huge.
  3. Improve the Economy – Not only does energy efficiency save you money as an individual, it improves our economy and saves our entire nation money. Companies are becoming more innovative in their development of energy efficient products, more jobs towards improving overall energy efficiency are opening up, and our government is saving billions in energy costs.
  4. Better Comfort – Not only does being energy efficient mean that you’ll spend less money and change light bulbs far less often, it means you’ll feel more comfortable in your own home. For example, learning how to properly insulate your home to keep the temperature just right will improve your overall quality of life, no matter where you live.

So whether you plan on installing all new appliances or simply switching from fluorescent to LED light bulbs, becoming more energy efficient is an important step towards improving the lives of everyone, including yourself. The benefits absolutely outweigh the cons, making an energy efficient lifestyle the only one that makes sense financially and overall.