7 Energy-Saving Tips for Summer

Summer is here and depending on where you live, it may have felt like it’s been here for months already. Summer is one of the most power-hungry seasons of the world, and we don’t mean that it wants to be in control – we mean you use a lot of electricity and energy to stay comfortable! With the growing need for energy efficiency, we’ve gathered 7 great tips to help you conserve this season.

  1. Block out the sun! Closing blinds and curtains to keep the sun from shining in your home will significantly reduce the amount of heat that gets inside, meaning you’ll need to use much less air conditioning in very hot weather.
  2. Use ceiling fans when you’re home – Remember that ceiling fans will cool you down, but they won’t cool the room down as a whole. Sitting under a fan is a great way to stay comfortable without using air conditioning and only uses as much electricity as a light bulb. Make sure they’re spinning counter-clockwise during summer and to turn them off when you leave.
  3. Make sure your A/C filters are clean – Cleaning your air conditioner’s filters about once a month will keep them clean, and the less debris collected on them the better airflow you’ll have. Improved airflow means less energy needed for running and money saved!
  4. Use alternative methods for chores – Running your clothes dryer, cooking in your oven or putting your dishes through the drying cycle can really warm up your house and use a lot of energy. Consider hand washing dishes, line-drying clothes and using your stove to cook dinner and other meals.
  5. Choose temperatures wisely – Setting your thermostat to 75-78ºF while your home will keep you cool and greatly reduce the energy used for air conditioning while saving you tremendous costs. Health permitting, consider setting your thermostat to 85ºF if you’re going to be away from home for a few hours.
  6. Use windows effectively – During the cool mornings and evenings, open your windows and doors to let the colder air flow through your home. You’d be surprised how comfortable the natural air can feel, and it will save both energy and money. As the sun comes out, close them up and block it out with curtains and blinds to keep the heat from entering your home.
  7. Check for leaks around windows and doors – Cracks and gaps in windows and doors will let hot air in and cold air out, making your air conditioning work harder and wasting energy. Consider caulking and weatherstripping windows and doors to eliminate leaks and keep you comfortable and energy efficient.

With the typical family in the United States spending roughly $2,200 per year on utility bills, energy efficiency is about saving money as much as it is about saving energy. Much of the energy used by households is wasted when it could be going toward something useful and the same could be said about your money! So follow these tips to greatly improve your home’s energy efficiency and keep your wallet fuller.