Energy efficiency is just a big word for “doing more with less energy.” When you make little changes, it effects not only you, but the world you live in. There are so many cool things that happen when you “do more with less” that you probably don’t even realize…

Your family spends over $6,000 just on energy alone, each year! But did you know that if you buy energy-efficient appliances, make some small changes at home, and pay attention to some of things you do at home, you all can save hundreds of dollars a year.

Buying what they call “ENERGY STAR” appliances saves up to 30% on electricity bills. That’s crazy savings! If you go through your house, and change your old light bulbs… replacing them with energy-efficient options, you can save up to 80% on energy bills.

Some of the things you do at home can make huge changes in your bill! Even if you just wash your clothes in cold water, you can save over $60 a year! If you make sure your tires are always inflated, that’s another $60 a year.

Did you know that energy efficiency makes big changes in the economy too? It does! So, while it’s saving you money at home it also helps businesses, your city, state, and even the government. While you are saving hundreds of dollars a year on the changes you are making, it means over $500 billion for the people I mentioned above. Back in 2010, energy efficiency projects created more than 830,000 jobs across the United States!

Energy efficiency is good for the environment. You don’t need me to tell you, when we use less energy, we save our natural resources and reduce pollution. Basically, energy efficiency helps keep more of our resources on the earth for longer. From power plants to cars, energy produces emissions that destroy our environment. Luckily, investments in energy efficiency reduces up to 1.1 gigatons of greenhouse gas emissions annually – that’s equal to taking all U.S. cars and trucks of the road for one year.

I bet you didn’t know that energy efficiency improves national security though, did you? Neither did I.
Energy efficiency safeguards our nation by decreasing the overall demand for energy, and therefore the need to import and transport fossil fuels. When we use few of our energy resource, like oil for our vehicles… it means that we don’t need to ask for help as much from other nations. We also save our energy resources for the future generations to use.

Our military need fuel as well but it can be very dangerous to enter the battleground and send supplies. 80% of supply missions to troops in Afghanistan are actually for fuel and can be very dangerous for our troops. If we can use electric and hybrid vehicles, energy-efficient generators and other energy-saving measures means, less missions, and that means less casualties.

You might not notice it but you can definitely feel it… your life is better with energy efficiency. Think about how comfortable your house is during the summer compared to outside. Don’t you love coming in after playing, to a nice cool room?

These are just a few of the many reasons you should want to “use more with less energy.” But there’s so much more to learn. Come visit our Facebook page for daily tips and tricks. We’d love to have you in our energy efficient family!