When it comes to water conservation, protecting the environment is usually the first thing on everyone’s mind – and it should be! There are so many benefits to conservation that can make a big difference in the overall wellbeing of the planet. Saving water essentially helps to save our planet for future generations.

But, saving water starts in the home. It doesn’t take some huge conservation effort to make a difference. Once people know there are a few tips and resources they can use in their own home to conserve water, the conversation can easily shift. While conservation for the environment is still important, other factors come into play. Simply put? People who save water at home also end up saving a lot of money.

So, how can you do it? Let’s look at a few simple ways.


Use Less Water Less Often

Obviously, the best way to lower your water bill is to use less water in general. This starts with making conscious choices about your use. Things like shutting off the faucet when you brush your teeth, taking shorter showers, and not watering your lawn as often are easy changes. You might be surprised at how easy it is to use less water when you’re actually thinking about it. You may also be surprised at the impact it can have on your utility bill.

Low-Flow Toilets

Did you know you could very literally be flushing money down the toilet? Pardon the cliché pun, but it’s true! Every time you flush a standard toilet, you could be using up to 3.5 gallons of water. That starts to add up fairly quickly, especially if you have a family in the house.

A low-flow toilet uses about 1.5 gallons for each flush. Low-flow toilets are standard fare nowadays. Since 2002, in fact, low flow toilets have become the norm. Unfortunately, a majority of people have an older toilet in their home. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it, right? Wrong! Think of the money you could be saving with each passing flush, and make the investment to install a low-flow system in your bathroom. It’ll pay for itself in just a short amount of time.

Efficient Shower Heads

Another quick water-saving product for the home? A low-flow shower head. Low-flow toilets are very popular, but not as many people have made the switch to low-flower showerheads. If you do, you can end up saving over 1000 gallons of water each month. If you’re in the shower for five minutes, you could reduce the amount of water you use from about 40 gallons, to just over 12. That’s a significant difference in overall waste, but it can make an even bigger difference to your wallet. If your shower was the only thing on your water bill, you’d essentially be cutting it in half!

Saving Water and Money with Simple Changes

Depending on how much water you use on a monthly basis now, the changes listed in this article could save you well over $100 each month. The best part? These are only two simple swaps! There are plenty of other products that can be installed or switched out within your home. There are certainly more personal changes and choices you could make to conserve more water.

Making a game for yourself to see how much water (and how much money) you can save on a monthly basis can create a challenge for you that really sees results, and helps the environment in the process. Enjoy pocketing all that extra money, and doing a little bit of good for the future in the process.