You’ve probably heard of EnergyStar appliances at some point. Maybe you already have a few in your house.

Periodically, we’ll touch on a few key appliances that can really benefit from an upgrade. Today, we’re starting with the humble, yet incredibly important hot water heater.

Many people don’t take the time to check out their hot water heater unless there’s a problem with it. If you moved into a home and have never looked at your hot water heater, it could be creating a lot of problems for you that you don’t even realize.

Thankfully, it’s easy to make the upgrade to EnergyStar appliances. Once you do, the benefits will really start rolling in.

So, how can upgrading your hot water heater help you? Let’s take a closer look at some of the biggest benefits you can expect.

Lower Your Risk of Disaster

Most people don’t check on their hot water heater until something goes wrong. Many times, you can prevent this from happening by upgrading it to a newer model. Water heaters that are over 10 years old can present a greater risk of leaking, and even flooding. You could come home one day to a mess that could end up costing thousands of dollars in water removal and home repairs.

Save Money Every Month

Most people procrastinate on installing a new hot water heater because they don’t want to spend the money. In reality, you’ll be saving money each month with an energy-efficient water heater. You may not realize just how much energy your outdated water heater is using. According to EnergyStar, water heaters are the second-highest energy users in the home. You could be spending thousands of extra dollars on an outdated one.

An energy-efficient electric water heater can save you up to $3,500 in the course of its lifetime. They keep the water in the tank warm at all times, so less energy is used when it needs to get hotter. Gas and tankless energy-efficient water heaters are also great options. So, while it’s an initial investment, the heater pays for itself as you save on your utility bills.

Protect the Planet

Along with helping your pocketbook, EnergyStar water heaters are also meant to help the environment. If every home in America had an EnergyStar water heater, we could save billions of dollars a year in energy costs and reduce billions of pounds of greenhouse gas emissions. Imagine that – just one simple change from everyone could have an incredibly huge impact.

Thankfully, EnergyStar products are starting to become the norm for many households. As outdated water heaters start to fail and break down, more people are turning toward energy-efficient water heaters to take their place. While we’re far from everyone in the country owning an EnergyStar water heater, the trend of having one gets a bit better each day.

If you’re not sure how old your hot water heater is, or you know you’ve had it for over 10 years, it’s time for an upgrade. Switch to an EnergyStar water heater, and you’ll be helping yourself, your wallet, and the environment.


Upgrade Now for Hot Savings on a New Water Heater infographic