By now, you’ve probably done a bit of browsing around our website. Maybe you’ve even read some of our blogs on energy and water conservation. But, the more you know about who Tinker actually is, the better.

We’re proud of what we do, and we want as many students, teachers, and utility companies to be involved as possible. The more people on board, the more opportunities for conservation and education to take place!


Who is Tinker For?

Tinker is for both educators and utilities. We provide K-12 education programs that are fully operational, using technology-driven resources to engage kids and young adults in a proven way of learning.

Our water and energy conservation kits give students a hands-on experience. They learn to become responsible consumers of energy, and they can take what they learn in the classroom home with them. As a result, they can actually be the ones to educate their family (even their parents!) and create a more energy-conscious household. 

Our programs are utility-sponsored. If you’re a part of a utility company, you might be wondering what’s in it for you. The answer is abundantly positive, and easily-trackable. By sponsoring educational programs like the ones provided by Tinker, you’re promoting both water and energy conservation for the next generation. That helps to create a more sustainable world for all of us.

You can even track progress through an online dashboard, which helps to encourage participation and can give you a clear picture of the results.


How it Tinker Different?

The Modern Student

We pride ourselves on being a turn-key operation that connects with the modern student. That’s why we use technology to break down barriers and encourage a greater response from students of all ages.

Kids learn differently than they used to, thanks to technological advancements. We’ve adapted with those changes, and we’re happy to offer a program that really relates to K-12 students. With a technology-focused learning environment, students are more likely to be engaged in what they’re learning.

The best part?

They’re more likely to retain what they’ve learned, and take that information with them wherever they go. That knowledge is exactly what will create a brighter future for the planet.


So, who is Tinker really for?

In short, it’s for everyone. While we work with educators and utility companies, there are no boundaries when it comes to the people this program can touch. It starts with students, but those students can quickly share what they learn with friends and family. Educators can even learn a lot about energy and water conservation. And, utility companies can feel good knowing they’re doing their part to educate future generations on the importance of conservation.

If you’ve been curious about what Tinker really is and how it works, we hope this blog has cleared it up for you. Of course, if you have more questions or you’d like more information on implementing the program in your area, feel free to contact us!