We live in a time when water conservation is more crucial than ever before. Between major droughts in California, the increasing population, and a consistently-warming planet, water-efficiency solutions are necessary everywhere we go.

You might think you need to make huge changes in order to have some kind of impact or make a difference. Actually, water efficiency can start in your home, and usually just takes a few small adjustments in order to help.

With that idea in mind, let’s take a look at a few water-efficient solutions for your home that you can start using right away.

1. LEARN MOREYou use your phone for everything else, so why not use it for water conservation

Technology and the environment are starting to work together better than ever before, and one app that is making it easier to check out your regular water use is Water Hero. Water Hero includes a module that attaches to your water meter. It reads information from the meter that you can check as often as you’d like from your smart phone.

Not only can you check on how much water you’re using, but you’ll be well informed if any problems come up. Water Hero will send you notifications if there is a leak. There is also an auto-shutoff feature, so you’ll never have to worry about wasting water if a problem occurs.

2. Try a Tankless Hot Water Heater LEARN MORE

Tankless hot water heaters are becoming more and more popular for newly-constructed homes. But, you can also replace your existing gas water heater with one. A tankless heater works by offering a consistent supply of hot water. Instead of the water being stored in a tank that continuously has to use energy to heat it, it is heated whenever the water tap is turned on. Cold water goes in, hot water comes out.

A tankless heater can save a lot of water since you’re not waiting for it to heat up. It can also save energy, and as a result, you’ll notice lower utility bills.

LEARN MORE3. Collect Rainwater

Collecting rainwater doesn’t have to be just about watering your garden or lawn. There is so much you can do around your home by collecting a sufficient amount of rainwater. Each time you do, you can use that water in place of wasting the overall water supply.

There are many household uses for rainwater, including drinking and cooking. You can even use it for ‘bigger jobs,’ like laundry or flushing toilets. Since toilets alone can use up to 27 percent of the water in your home, this small change can make a big difference.

Finding and selecting water–efficient products can help your wallet and the environment… WaterSense retailer partners commit to making WaterSense labeled products available in stores. The EPA offers a great resource in researching WaterSense labeled products.

Small Changes in the Home Can Lead to a Big Impact

As you can see, the changes you make in your home to help conserve water don’t have to be huge. Even putting one of these changes into place can give you a better idea of how much water you’ve been wasting, and how easy it is to conserve more. We don’t often think of our homes as big ‘water wasters,’ but you could be disregarding more than you think. Pay attention to the changes that can happen when you use the suggestions in this article, and you’ll likely notice a huge difference in a short amount of time.